NAWBO of South Jersey Announces the Next President, Fran Davis

NAWBO of South Jersey is pleased to announce their next President, Fran Davis of The Flavorful Fork.  Davis has been a member of the organization since March of 2011 and has served on the Board for the past two years, first as Director of Membership and, most recently, as Director of Marketing.  Having demonstrated her commitment, passion and dedication to NAWBO SJ, Davis is a natural fit to step into the role of President.

Fran Davis is the owner and creator of The Flavorful Fork, a personal chef business with a focus on healthy gourmet food.  She credits NAWBO with helping her grow her business and making valuable connections with other women in business.

“As business owners we all face challenges,” said Davis. “However, as women business owners we often face challenges that our male counterparts may not such as gender discrimination, the pressures of managing work and family, appropriately valuing our worth in the marketplace, and learning how to be effective leaders while walking the line between being perceived as too aggressive or too nice. The National Association of Women Business Owners is an organization that provides a supportive environment just for women to share the challenges we face and receive the advice and wisdom of those who have gone before us.”

Davis has a multi-varied background that she brings to her new position which includes receiving a MS in Social Psychology, 15+ years in Information Technology designing portal based solutions for corporations to improve their communication and collaboration, and, of course, her experience as a female entrepreneur with The Flavorful Fork.  She is also a columnist for Virtua Woman, has been published in a variety of academic journals, and regularly shares her knowledge and love of food within corporations, at farmers markets, and through other venues.

“I believe Fran Davis is the perfect woman to be the President of NAWBO SJ,” said Angela Venti, current President of NAWBO SJ and Business Development Manager at Investor’s Bank.  “She is very passionate about women business owners and giving them the tools necessary to be successful.  She has a wonderful agenda planned for the upcoming year and is committed to not only maintaining the level of excellence NAWBO SJ is known for, but also taking it up a notch.  With Fran at the helm, I know that NAWBO of South Jersey will continue to offer quality content, educational resources, great networking and wonderful support to both the small business and larger corporations in our area.”

The installation dinner of NAWBO SJ’s new President and Board will be June 12, 2014, details to follow.