NAWBO Spring Membership Drive – Join Now and Save $50!

March 1 – April 30 is NAWBO’s annual membership drive.  This year, NAWBO of South Jersey is matching NAWBO National’s $25 savings for a total of $50 off your membership!

“Get a seat at the table or build your own table, and make sure to include other women at that table.” – NAWBO Founding President, Susan Hager

NAWBO was founded 40 years ago (yes, 2015 is a milestone anniversary for us!) to remove obstacles and create opportunities for other women entrepreneurs across the country.  In the decades since, it’s become much more than that- a powerful community for networking and support, education, tools and resources, advocacy, mentorship, leadership opportunities and growth, exclusive benefits and more!

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely path at times.  You face unique highs and lows and challenges and opportunities that others do not understand unless they have gone down that path before you or are going down it alongside you.  It’s a special connection- a community- of leaders, visionaries, innovators and trailblazers that, when tapped into, can power your business, lifestyle and community in a way like no other.

Join now to experience the power of NAWBO and what it really means to be better together.

The Power of Connecting

NAWBO is a powerful resource for connecting and building long-term relationships with other women entrepreneurs with businesses of varying sizes and across a variety of sectors who can motivate and inspire you, share resources and best practices and more.  It’s a community of support, advice, recognition and celebration- with a 40-year history of excellence and progress- that you won’t experience anywhere else but with NAWBO.

The Power of Learning

NAWBO is a powerful resource for learning.  Through our quarterly e-learning webinars, public policy calls, leadership boot camps and Women’s Business Conference on the national level, along with our local South Jersey educational and professional development events and meetings, we provide quality education on today’s most important topics that impact your business and its bottom line.  Plus, you have access to our regional sister chapters events in Philadelphia, Central Jersey, and Delaware.

The Power of Building Your Business

NAWBO is a powerful resource for everything you need to grow your business into something bigger than you perhaps ever imagined, from ideas, to connections, to resources from both NAWBO and our extensive network of affiliate, affinity and corporate partners who offer exclusive opportunities, programs and savings to support your business growth.

The Power of One Voice

NAWOB is a powerful resource for having your voice amplified and heard. That’s because we speak as one voice on behalf of women entrepreneurs and business owners to influence the system and stakeholders in our nation’s capitol and state capitals that set the rules of the game for the business community.  Together, we can make a difference in communities, states, the nation and, ultimately, the world – because your voice matters.

Our chapter is committed to growing even stronger by bringing in 40 new members to celebrate our 40th anniversary! We hope you join us today and invite a friend (or two) along!

Click here to join now!