Join Our Board

One of the best ways to get involved in any organization and to really impact your community while gaining enormous visibility for yourself and your business, is to join a board of directors. NAWBO-SJ’s board of volunteers takes on responsibilities to help shape the organization at the local chapter level. Each board member helps in their own way to create events, run events, market events, seek out sponsors, keep records, help organize and so on.

What are your best qualities? Do you already run a Marketing company? You’d make a great Marketing Director. Do you already have relationships with corporations? You would be perfect as the Director of Corporate Sponsorship. Whatever your talent or area of expertise, we’d love to have you on “board.”


– Be a member of NAWBO 

– Have a desire to help others

– Be able to donate 10-20 hours a month to your position (some positions require less, please ask)

– Commit to one monthly board meeting (second Friday of the month)

-Previous board experience a plus but not necessary

A few of the benefits of being on the NAWBO-SJ board are

  • free monthly events (including Brown Baguette educational luncheons and happy hours),
  • other free events or discounted pricing from some affiliate networking groups and chambers of commerce
  • extra exposure for you and your business
  • close, direct connections with other area board members and business associations
  • the opportunity to help change and reinvigorate a national organization at the local chapter level

If this is something that interests you, please call us at 856.722.8125 or email: 

The management of the affairs of NAWBO South Jersey is entrusted to the Chapter’s Board of Directors that is responsible for carrying out the duties prescribed in the By-Laws and Policies and Procedures of the Chapter.

The members of NAWBO South Jersey’s Board of Directors (excluding the Immediate Past President and President) are elected by existing board membership of the chapter. All candidates for office must be Voting Members in good standing.

NAWBO South Jersey’s Board of Directors is comprised of:

  • President
  • Immediate Past President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Director of Member Services
  • Director of Corporate Partnership
  • Director of  Public Policy
  • Director of Professional Development
  • Director of Special Events
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Community Relations

and chairs of the standing committee as outlined in the by-laws or appointed by the President. Such chairs are not elected positions.

All Board Members serve a two year term and may serve no more than two consecutive years in the same position. The President Elect automatically serves as President upon completion of the term as President Elect. The President automatically serves as Immediate Past President following the term as President.

Board members are asked to attend monthly Board Meetings regularly, either in person or by conference call and are also asked to attend Chapter functions, programs and activities as often as possible. Each Board member may choose a Committee chairperson and solicit for volunteers from the general membership  to assist in acting out the list of duties and activities within each position.

Duty Descriptions:

The President shall:

  • Be the principal officer of NAWBO South Jersey
  • Preside at Board of Officer Meetings
  • Appoint such special committees except the Nominating Committee
  • Serve as ex-officio member of all committees except  the Nominating Committee

The President-Elect shall:

  • Perform the duties of the President in the President’s absence.
  • Assume all other duties as assigned by the President.
  • Serve as leader-in-training as preparation to take over all President’s duties after their term.

The Immediate Past President shall:

  • Serve as an advisor to the President
  • Be chair of the Nominating Committee

The Secretary shall:

  • Be responsible for the recording of accurate minutes of the proceedings of all meeting so f NAWBO South Jersey and maintaining all records of NAWBO South Jersey.

The Treasurer shall:

  • Be responsible for all funds of NAWBO South Jersey and shall submit an annual report and budge to the Board of Directors.
  • Oversee the financial activities and records of NAWBO South Jersey.
  • Be Chair of the Financial Review Committee.

The Director of Member Services shall:

  • Serve as representative to Member Services Council
  • Oversee education, affiliation and member services programs.
  • Undertake special projects to drive membership as necessary, including the annual National Membership Drive and new member orientations.

The Director of Corporate Partnership shall:

  • Serve as representative to Corporate and Economic Development Council
  • Oversee program fund development and Corporate Relations Committees.
  • Undertake special projects as needed to drive program participation and growth.

The Director of Marketing shall:

  • Improve NAWBO South Jersey’s visibility in the community through a consistent marketing approach targeted to support and promote the chapter’s overall goals and objectives.
  • Solicit and develop community relationships with other business and education entities that will enhance awareness and positive exposure for the chapter.
  • Improve NAWBO South Jersey’s visibility in the community through a consistent media-driven marketing approach targeted to support and promote the chapter’s overall goals and objectives.
  • Solicit and develop community relationships with other newspapers, magazines and other periodicals and social media sites, and education entities that will enhance awareness and positive exposure for the chapter. Seek in-kind advertising, send out press releases, gain free PR, and post our events on media event pages.

The Director of Professional Development shall:

  • Develop, plan and implement meeting programs, conferences, seminars and classes that would benefit both NAWBO South Jersey members and the community.
  • Maintain a consistent and regular offering of calendar items each month and exercise the program’s action plan as detailed in the Programs Committee Process.

The Director of Public Policy shall:

  • Keep the Board of Directors and the general membership aware and updated on all that relates to NAWBO National, its advocacy efforts and the opportunities that members have to learn and support and a national and local level.
  • Key solicitor of opportunities and affairs related to the annual NJ Governor’s Conference for Women, WIPP and the National Public Policy Day in Washington, DC.

The Director of Community Relations shall:

  • Keep the Board of Directors aware of other pertinent community events in the region that NAWBO members should attend
  • Maintain existing relationships with other networking and non-profit organizations and identify new partnerships that would benefit the organization and membership
  • Identify charitable organizations and events to support that align with the NAWBO mission



All board members can typically expect to:

  1. Regularly attend board meetings and important related meetings.
  2. Enjoy the planning and participation of events and  committee work.
  3. Network and connect with like-minded people, and spread the NAWBO vibe
  4. Work towards improving the NAWBO organization by educating others about membership and being a positive force on the board
  5. Get to know other directors and committee members and build a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus.
  6. Be an active participant in the board’s annual evaluation and planning efforts (board retreat).
  7. Participate in fund raising, to the best of your ability.