National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Celebrates 40th Anniversary

NAWBO Celebrates 40 YearsFounding NAWBO National President Susan Hager liked to say, “Get a seat at the table or build your own table, and make sure to include other women at that table.”

Getting a seat at the table and including other women there has been the mission of NAWBO for the last 40 years.  We make it our business to ensure women business owners and entrepreneurs have a strong voice with policy makers and public officials who are making decisions which impact our businesses, our ability to succeed and our bottom line.

From time to time we get asked what makes NAWBO different from the other women’s business organizations out there.

The answer is simple.  YOU are what makes NAWBO different.

Yes, NAWBO is the only membership based organization representing women entrepreneurs at all sizes and sectors and stages of business development.  That makes us unique.  But what does that mean?  That means that YOU, our members, are our value.

We believe there are four places we can provide you with greater access that will help you grow your business and your chapter – Capital– Education and resources you need to choose the best financing options for your business; Confidence–Leadership training and tools necessary to grow personally and professionally;  Community –A sisterhood of women who support women and provide the catalyst for change across the country and the world; and Capitals–An advocate for you and your business with elected officials from the Nation’s capital to your state capital.

Think of these as the four legs the NAWBO table sets upon.  At NAWBO we have a table for all women entrepreneurs.   We work to make sure your place is secured and your voice is heard.