Why NAWBO? You Don’t Have to Be an Island

Being a business owner can be a lonely endeavor. If you’re a solo-preneur, it can feel isolating because  you have no co-workers or even employees to talk to about the things your business is going through – its successes OR its obstacles. Similarly, if you’re the head of an organization, there are many things you simply can’t talk about to the people who work for you, which can lead to feelings of being stuck on a deserted island somewhere. And, to put the cherry on top, being a female business owner comes with its own unique challenges that your male counterparts would never understand.

Luckily, there is a wonderful organization of women business owners right in this area that offers opportunities to network with other women business owners who are facing the same challenges as you are. It is a group of highly motivated, talented, and knowledgeable women with varied backgrounds and skill sets – women who will inspire you, challenge you, offer valuable advice, and be a shoulder to lean on through the tough times. Best of all, once you join and start attending the events regularly, you’ll feel less like an isolated island all by its lonesome in the middle of the vast ocean and more like the truth of who you are – an island connected to a large and robust band of islands as far as the eye can see.

The name of this organization? (Drumroll please!) NAWBO – The National Association of Women Business Owners. And, right now, all new members and former members save $25. Join today while this special offer lasts.